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Diagnostic Methods For Pain Sensitivity And Chronicity And For Tetrahydrobiopterin-Related Disorders

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US Patent:
2007025, Nov 1, 2007
Oct 20, 2006
Appl. No.:
Clifford Woolf - Newton MA,
Michael Costigan - Somerville MA,
Mitchell Max - Garrett Park MD,
Inna Belfer - Rockville MD,
Steven Atlas - Cambridge MA,
Albert Kingman - Bethesda MD,
Tianxia Wu - Potomac MD,
David Goldman - Potomac MD,
The General Hospital Corporation - Boston MA
National Institutes of Health - Bethesda MD
International Classification:
C12Q 1/02
C12Q 1/68
US Classification:
435006000, 435029000
Disclosed herein are methods for determining whether a subject possesses altered pain sensitivity an altered risk of developing acute or chronic pain, or diagnosing a tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4)-related disorder or a propensity thereto. These methods are based on the discovery of GCH1 and KCNS1 allelic variants that are associated with altered pain sensitivity and altered risk of developing acute or chronic pain, and the discovery that a GCH1 “pain protective haplotype” is associated with decreased upregulation of BH4 synthesis in treated leukocytes.
Tianxia X Wu from Potomac, MD, age 60 Get Report