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Audible Vehicle Monitoring Apparatus

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US Patent:
5436612, Jul 25, 1995
Mar 30, 1994
Appl. No.:
Richard N. Aduddell - Port Orchard WA
International Classification:
B60Q 100
US Classification:
A new and improved audible vehicle monitoring apparatus includes a sound monitoring assembly adapted for connecting to an undercarriage portion of a wheeled vehicle. A monitor housing assembly connects to the undercarriage portion of the wheeled vehicle. A microphone assembly and a first power source are retained by the monitor housing assembly. A wave transmitter assembly is powered by the first power source and is retained by the monitor housing assembly. The wave transmitter assembly is connected to the microphone assembly and transmits waves representing sounds picked up by the microphone assembly. An audible signalling assembly is retained in a cab portion of a motor vehicle in proximity of a driver within easy hearing and easy reach of the driver. The audible signalling assembly includes a signaling housing assembly, and a second power source is housed within the signaling housing assembly. A wave receiver assembly is retained by the signaling housing assembly and is powered by the second power source.
Richard N Aduddell from Port Orchard, WA, age 87 Get Report